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Church is the best place for people to come to hear the greatest story in the world and connect with other people. Your church is the source of hope, healing, and encouragement for the world around you. Yet, as always, Churches are facing a lot of challenges in the face of a turbulent and evolving conditions.

Many churches are attempting to cope with a digital transformation and the need to adapt with more online tools for their data bases and operations management.

  • Enhance your Outreach and Ministries

  • Lower your cost of ownership and administrative effort

  • Increase your revenue streams

  • Increase your Member’s Engagement

  • Enhance your decision making process

Easily Add, Search & Communicate With Members

Easily add unlimited number of members and view members activities all in one place using Church Connect. Search members through using our unique filters. Quickly communicate with members of the congregation using their email or push notifications.

Organize, Manage & Keep Up To Date With Groups Of People

Easily assign roles and group people based on criteria. You can also quickly manage, add or remove members within groups and group people based on services and other engagements.

Track Donations & Generate Reports

Easily track each donors givings to the church and generate reports on the type of donations received and contributed. View data analytics on donations with the ability to give you insight on how to boost donations.

Manage Events & Check Ins

Easily organize church events, accept digital registration forms for trips and schedule push notifications for all events on the mobile app. Sell online tickets for specific events and manage control capacity via number of members or households.


Easily manage families under one account, register them for events, monitor household engagement within the community and send email notifications about upcoming events and services.

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