Members & Households

This set of features allows administrators to manage their congregation data base in a flexible and efficient manner. It takes out the need to manage multiple forms and sub data bases while allowing self provisioning and updates by members. This decreases the reliance on human intervention and helps keep your data consistent. It also comes with powerful search and reporting capabilities to enable you to analyze and understand your data.


One of the most powerful concepts deployed in Church connect is that of the household. The concept enables you to establish the household relationships whether through user self administration via the mobile app or by Church admins. The concept is very useful in terms of having a view of the spiritual health of the whole family as well as it is closely tied with the outreach tool.

Easily Add & Search Members

Administrators can easily add members and attach them to Households. You can search members by a variety of filters, and you can build your own report or query using different combinations. You can also attach corporate entities to members or create visitor profiles.

Quick & Easy Access

Members have access to the system through their smart phones (IOS/Android) where they can update their member ID which is unique to them. This ID enables them to participate in different activities without the need to repeatedly subscribe or update their data. Members can also update their info on the go, such as their address or household members. They can book events, trips or subscribe to different services from the mobile app as well.

Communicate With Members

Administrators (admins) can post a variety of announcements which members can receive by enabling their push notifications. Also, church admins may decide the priority type, creation, and expiration for each announcement. Admins can post different media types such as audio or video as well as share YouTube videos through the media section of the app which in turn will keep the congregation engaged. In addition, you can individually email different members or groups.

360 Member Card

The database used by our system is a flexible and scalable database with multiple attributes which allow you a full view of not just the members data, but also their activities. You can see what services they are a part of what donations they are making and which events they have registered for.