Donation & Giving

This module allows you a powerful tool to manage your donations all in one place and allows you to export and import to other systems to may use for accounting or reconciliation. In addition, it provides a variety of payment methods to the user through the mobile app from credit and debit cards to apple and google pay, all through a user-friendly interface that has proven to increase the level of donations to our Churches.

Members Can Donate With Very Simple Clicks

From their mobile app, the members can donate using their credit or debit cards. They can also use apple or google pay. The convenience and ease of use has proven to increase donation levels for different Churches.

Members Tax receipts & Follow Up

Tax receipts are automatically generated at the end of the fiscal year and each member can get his receipt in a hassle-free way. Moreover, members can follow on their donations throughout the year using the mobile app without the need to ask or enquire.

Adding Corporate Donors

Since several members typically donate through their corporate entities, each Member can add a corporate donor(s) to his profile and start making donations from that profile. The corporate profile is linked to the member profile which gives full visibility on who your donors are.

Roles Segregation

Due to their sensitive nature, Donations, Tax receipts and payments in general can be viewed by certain roles only such as treasurer or accountant and with specific privileges assigned for each role to cater for different Church sizes.

Flexible Administration

Through our admin portal, you can enter other transactions that have not been done through the mobile app so that you can have a one stop shop of all your donations. You can enter cheques, e transfers, etc. You can also specify different donation purposes. Moreover, you can enter cheque scans and bank batches for easy reconciliation with your bank or accounting systems.

Intelligent Reporting

All the above is mapped on powerful search engines. You can upload or download the history to have long term reports on the system or outside. You can also generate reports to help you fundraise, do campaigns as well as get a clear view of how healthy your donations are.