This module is a full event management system to allow free and paid bookings. In addition to the standard features of events creation, ticket issuance and flexible price settings, this module allows additional flexibility such as limiting certain events to your members only or staggering attendance due to lower capacities (as in the case of COVID-19 pandemic). As usual this comes with a set on intelligent reports allowing you to analyze your events attendance and improve on it.

Flexible Events Creation

Organizers can create events based on multiple and flexible attributes such as bookable events which allow the organizer to define if an event is public or if it requires a reservation. Events summary cards helps you to quickly follow up on the events attributes you might need.

Flexible Events Attributes

Event attributes include defining pricing (free, by age, etc.) as well as capacity limits whether by member or by household. You can also define if an event is limited to your own members or open to outside guests. You can restrict certain events to be for household members only where families are not allowed to invite or book for guests. This is also useful for restrictions where only members of a certain household can be in an area and separated by physical distancing from others. This system also allows cyclical reservations in case any type of staggering is needed such as attendance allowed only once per month or week.

Bookings & Attendance

Members can check their bookings from the church connect app and organizers are able to take attendance using the app whether the congregation is in person or is attending an online event. An attendance report is generated for each service and event and can be exported. QR tickets are generated on the phone and can be sent by email or printed for labelling.


Electronic waivers, terms, consent, rules, and regulations can be defined on a per event basis where members will need to check the associated box.