Groups & Campuses

This set of features allows you to manage groups based on different attributes. This segmentation allows you to manage service groups in an efficient and intelligent way. It puts into action all your members and allow you to put your service into work by assigning roles and responsibilities and tracking performance. The concept even extends to a higher layer of multiple campuses and dioceses

Member Groups

Members can be attached to any attribute (seniors, youth, servants, etc.) and groups can be created based on that. Sunday school lists can be automatically created by age and class capacity can be identified based on space or servants.

User Roles & Access Privilege

Administrators can assign different roles to the members such as, admin, servant, treasurer, accountant, staff, paster/priest etc. Each role will have certain limitations or access privileges which will depend on the responsibility they have in the church in general or in a specific service.

Campus Features

Big Churches or diocese with multiple campuses can have different announcements and events per campus. Users can switch between campuses for different events or services while keeping a view on all members and allowing administration, donations, etc. to be across the board.