Ministries & Services

Service is the heart of the operation of any Church. This set of features allows leaders and servants to enhance your ministries through the flexible creation of services and groups. Its powerful outreach module gives you the power to make sure that this core effort is done in an efficient manner.

Flexible Creation & Management

Members can subscribe to services through the mobile app. Each service can identify servant(s) as well as service coordinator(s) unique to it. Moreover, attendance for any service or event can be taken by the organizer through the app and reports can be generated for each event or service. Members can also attend online services through the mobile app and organizers can share video links to make it accessible to each member. An attendance report is generated for each service and can be exported. Inactivity reports can also be generated to follow up on members that need further outreach.


This powerful module allows you to log in outreach visits by type (in person, by phone or via text). It also creates Calendar invitations to be sent to the member that is visited .Moreover, It allows creation of follow up reminders as well as visit notes that can be public or private (using an encryption Key).

Service Administration and Communication

Servants can post a variety of announcements only to their member groups. They can also post different media types such as audio or video as well as share links to presentations to their service groups. Servants can be fully autonomous to update their member data or view members household info. They can also create events for their services, adjust dates, change icons, etc.